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DELAWARE, "The First State"

Here we go. Kicking it off with the literal first state, Delaware.

Delaware is known for ratifying the Constitution first on December 7, 1787, five days before those stinkers in Pennsylvania.

They might have been first then, but they sure are tiny. Ranked 49th in land area, 45th in population. What they lack in land and people, they make up for in corporations. If you are to believe our friends at wikipedia, over 50% of the corporations in the country are incorporated in Delaware. Wowzers. Tax haven anyone?

This brick color scheme was selected as a tribute to the official colors of this beautiful state, and that handsome license plate: 

Evidently Aubrey Plaza, VP Joe Biden, and George Thorogood all call Delaware home (3 of the less than 1 million that currently live in the entire state). But for my reading, check out not-as-famous-but-made-a-difference Delawarean Absolom Jones

Please enjoy this week's Brickstates installment, and the inaugural state in our 2020 endeavor through all the states. 

Go Blue Hens!

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