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New Jersey

The 3rd state, New Jersey.

You may wonder why I am leaning hard on black with this New Jersey design. Blame Kevin.

Kevin is from New Jersey. I love Kevin. We were housemates when Brick States was in its earliest days. When I was learning to screenprint I attempted to print some NJ state designs. All Kevin wanted was black... black ink on black shirts kinda stuff. ALL black. Because I have few experiences and interactions with New Jerseyans, Kevin became New Jersey to me. So if Kev likes black, so must the great state of New Jersey. 

And why red?

I'm no hockey fan, but I have learned that the Devils colors are black, white, and red. So, there you go: red. Helpful. Kev might not approve, but I hope the fans appreciate.

Also, Newark is know as "Brick City". How can we not love, adopt, and go traditional brick red on this design when NJ has a city named after the very object we design and build with. 

Love you Papa Kev. Love you NJ.

p.s. To complete the circle: before the New Jersey Devils were the Devils, they were the Colorado Rockies (really!), and before they were the Rockies, they were the Kansas City Scouts... and Kansas City is where Kev and I met and were housies. KC → NJ.

p.p.s. Brickstates NJ gear here.

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