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Our next state, Pennsylvania.

I grew up a Steeler fan. A grade-school friend liked them, so I liked them. This was the trailing end of the glorious Steel Curtain days. I remember watching Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Mean Joe Greene, and coach Chuck Noll. That's a fun name to say. Try it. Chuck Noll. Chuck Noll. Put the emphasis in the "Ch". CHuck Noll.

Anyhow. I say this all because, for a kid living on the west coast, somehow I loved the Steelers, and thus had some irrational connection with Pennsylvania. I mean, I still have a 3rd grade sized Steelers "12" jersey.

I have been to (through) Pennsylvania once. I drove westbound on highway 90 on Lake Erie taking the long route from Rochester to Detroit. That's it. Never been to Pittsburgh. Not Philadelphia. Not even Scranton. Just that stretch of 90

I have good friends from Pennsylvania. From places like Johnstown and Lancaster. That helps grow affection for a place: knowing people that have called it home. I love those friends, so I love their place. I loved Terry Bradshaw, so I loved his "place". 

Enjoy this week's brickstates offering for Pennsylvania, including some hints to the black and gold. "One for the thumb in '81."

(Bradshaw/Noll image from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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