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Western States Magnet Set
Western States Magnet Set

Western States Magnet Set

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Eleven (11) magnets designed and assembled by Brickstates. Made with new LEGO® bricks. Contains Neodymium magnets.

Include your color choices in the checkout message.

State color options:

  • Washington: Lime, Dark Blue, Green
  • Oregon: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Dark Grey, Dark Green
  • California: White, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Light Blue, Yellowish Orange
  • Idaho: Blue, Orange, Green
  • Nevada: Blue
  • Montana: Reddish Brown, Blue
  • Wyoming: Yellowish Orange, Brown
  • Colorado: Blue, Orange
  • Utah: Red, Blue
  • Arizona: Red, Yellow, Blue
  • New Mexico: Red, Yellow, Brown

Inquire for brick color customization. Surcharge may apply.